Wild One Golden 1st Birthday


It is hard to believe this fun golden birthday was a year ago (literally RIGHT before the Pandemic began here in Illinois). This past year dragged on while it was happening, but somehow flew by when I look back. How is that possible?! Anyways, back to this fabulous party…

The design of this party began with my pen & ink illustrations of three little “party animals” which were used on the invitations, signage and favor tags. Since Alexander was turning 1 on the first of March, it was technically his “golden” first birthday so we really brought the GOLD! Gold balloons, gold vases, golden touches in the favors and signs and even tiny gold-painted animal figurines mom Tiffany painstakingly painted.

Balloons + tropical foliage really set the tone for this WILD party. For the balloon garland, I combined animal prints with neutral and metallic balloons and draped it across the venue’s hedge wall. I added fresh tropical foliage and some ruscus to really bring the jungle vibes indoors.

The venue provided each pint-sized guest with a gold helium-filled balloon that decorated their little chairs. Jars filled with animal crackers and accented with gold animals and favor tags sat at each placesetting. Loose tropical foliage and simple neutral floral centerpieces adorned the tables along with gold plates and cups. I designed a “ONE” banner for the highchair and 1-12 banner to display the birthday boy’s monthly 1st year photos. The welcome sign brought the entire look together by featuring both the watercolor tropical foliage and the original party animal illustrations from the invitations.

This party was adorable and fun for all ages! I love helping clients have epic parties! Hoping the tides turn with the Pandemic and we get back to more celebrations. For now, I am finding joy in planning smaller, safe events.

I am actually in the midst of planning my youngest daughter Maddie’s golden birthday right now. She will be 4 on May 4th this year! I know when I was 12, my family did NOT know what a golden birthday was because I certainly did not have one. 🙁 I think I remember finding out about “golden birthdays” when I was in high school or college and quickly realized I had missed my chance for one! For those who still do not know what a “golden birthday” is — let me explain: A golden birthday is when you turn the same age as your birthdate. So if your birthday is February 12 like mine, your golden birthday would be when you turn 12. So the oldest you can turn on a golden birthday would be 31. I think the ultimate golden birthday would be turning 31 on New Year’s Eve! How cool would that be?!!

I have decided that I will be embracing the “golden birthday” thing for my girls. Maddie will be 4 on the 4th this May, Aria will be 10 on the 10th (2 more August’s until hers) and Vivian will be 15 on the 15th (of August, 10 years from now and may be too cool for birthdays by then!) I figure any way to make their days more special, why not roll with it?

Happy Planning! XOXOXO Kristen

Images by Jennifer Kaye Photography
Venue Waterlemon in La Grange, Illinois
Cakes by Amanda + her team at Beans & Sweets.
Catering by Blackberry Market in La Grange, Illinois