Ultimate Star Wars Party Favors + Activities


My youngest daughter’s golden 4th birthday is on May the 4th so naturally we had a Star Wars themed party!
For our Young Jedis I created ultimate Star Wars favor table! The activities for the party included first decorating a favor bag with an awesome assortment of Star Wars stickers. Once complete, guests filled it up with all the goodies on the favor table…

Those Favors included:

  • Star Wars stuffies I designed in Procreate, had printed on fabric via Spoonflower, and sewed them myself
  • Star Wars fabric masks I sewed (fabrics from Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby)
  • BB8 Jumbo Erasers from Party City
  • Star Wars Bubble Wands (tutorial here)
  • Mini lightup lightsabers (Amazon)
  • Inflatable lightsabers (Amazon)
  • Grogu Food (Haribo Gummy Frogs I portioned out by serving size and individually wrapped and labeled)
  • Darkside Skittles (Literally “Darkside Skittles” is a thing I portioned out and individually wrapped and labeled)
  • Star Wars Stampers
  • Star Wars Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer from Walmart
  • Star Wars Mandalorian Fruit Snacks
  • Cloud City pops (Smarties lollipops) which I actually bought a bulk bag at Farm & Fleet. *Fun fact: F&F has a decent candy selection and great pricing!

The most popular of the favors were the inflatable lightsabers. Parents blew them up and then kids participated in some epic saber duels outdoors. We also had a rebel base (a tarp hung from trees) setup along with some Star Wars beach balls that kids tossed and kicked around. The younger kids busted out the bubble wands and had fun with the bubbles.

Indoors there was an assortment of Star Wars books out for all reading levels including my favorites “Where’s the Wookiee?” and “Star Wars Block” and some giant Star Wars Squishmallows (from Costco and Target) to cuddle.

Guests were over the forest moon for this favor table! So many fun things and because we only had 12 guests, we didn’t spend too much on it either. The fabric on the table was leftover from my past year making masks and the SW themed balloons were discounted ones from Star Wars The Force Awakens (which came out a while ago now). (If you know me personally, you know I love reusing things and I love sweet deals!)

Of course EATING was another fun activity and we had tons of yummy desserts and clever foods and drinks which were appreciated by all of our guests. I personally think food, fun, friends and decor really make for a stellar party. Bringing events that are one-of-a-kind, unforgettable and cohesive is always my goal. I hope my girls think of their parties as the best, funnest, coolest parties around! They should know that I love them so much that I just have to put in a ton of sweat equity and lots of creative juices into everything I do for them. I also love seeing it all come together in the end and watching the excitement and wonder they have for it all. It is literally my favorite.

Some images (the nicest looking ones) by my friend Jennifer Kaye Photography (who is based in Geneva, Illinois). Jenny takes our family photos annually and also did milestone photos of the girls, newborn photos, headshots of me–all of it. Taking photos of humans is really her thang and she likes me enough to shoot my parties even though it is not one of her regular offerings. So please hit her up for maternity, baby, kid, teen, family or even food photography, but don’t bug her to shoot your party decorations like I do.