Super Easy DIY Bubble Wand Lightsabers


These DIY Bubble Wand Lightsabers are super easy to make for a Star Wars party. All you need is duct tape, washi tape and bubble wands. I found all of my supplies for these via Amazon and Walmart.

My biggest piece of advice is to tighten the handles before taping. This will prevent dripping and a big mess of sticky bubble mix on your hands when you tape. I covered my handle in pieces of black duct tape first, then added washi tape accents, then more duct tape. The duct tape has a much firmer hold so it works best for finishing and connecting everything. The washi tape gives it more of a shiny, glittery vibe so it is important as well. Whatever you do, make sure you do not tape the handle to the tube. Tape should remain just on the handle itself.

We will have 3 other kinds of lightsabers at the party in addition to these bubble wands. One inflatable, one mini light up and one cupcake pick style. I cannot wait to see our young Jedis enjoy all of the lightsaber fun!