Spring Cakesicles


I love to decorate Easter desserts because pastels are my favorite. These Spring Cakesicles are so fun to make and how cute are they?!? I used my carrot cake recipe because you definitely want a moist cake when making cakesicles. If the cake is dry you’ll need to add some frosting to get the right consistency.

Spring Cakesicles

To make these cakesicles you’ll need a silicone mini cakesicle mold like this one. Nowadays you can find them at just about any cake supply shop. You’ll need colored candy melts and mini popsicle sticks (also available at cake supply shops). I used orange candy melts for the main part of the cakesicles. Then I drizzled light green candy melts for a little design, and for adhering the sprinkles. And of course you’ll need cake!

To begin, melt the orange candy melts and then pour some in the mold so it’s about half full. Now slowly swirl it around so that it covers the entire cavity. Candy melts set up quickly. As it starts to set up, continue swirling so that the sides are as thick as the bottom. If it’s too thin, it will crack when you unmold it.

Now, tip the mold sideways or completely upside-down so that the extra drips out. Use the side of an offset spatula to scrape off the extra. Put the mold in the fridge for a few minutes to allow it to completely set up.

Using your fingers, grab a small chunk of cake and stuff it into one of the cavities. Continue doing this until the cavity is almost full, but not completely to the top. You want enough room to pour more of the candy melts since that will be the bottom of the cakesicle. Continue filling all of the cavities, pushing the cake in firmly. Insert a cakesicle stick into each mold.

If your orange candy melts have gotten too thick, microwave for a few seconds to thin it out again. Pour over the mold and then put back into the fridge for at least 10 minutes to set up. Now you can unmold!

Carefully remove each cakesicle. Use a small sharp knife to trim off the edges.

Melt the green candy melts and place in a piping bag. Cut a small tip off the end and then pipe a thin line of green back and forth diagonally over the cakesicle. Quickly add the sprinkles. If the green has already set up, you can dab a small amount on each sprinkle and place it on by hand.

If the stick is loose, you can “paint” a little more candy melts where the stick meets the cakesicle to make it more secure.

And there you have it! If you make these, be sure to share pictures and tag @bakingbestiesbook so we can see them!

Happy Baking!