Spring Break Fun + Free Activity Pages


Spring Break is more fun with activities! I made these DIY Activity Placemats as part of a little fun party for my girls. For me, nothing says PARTY like some balloons, so I made a cute cluster for above the party table. I pulled together things from all over my house for this little fete. I found unused paper napkins, ribbon banners I used for a wedding show, butterfly plates from the play kitchen box, a piece of floral fabric from my sewing bin and even the food was stuff I had on hand. Hats were pulled out of the summer and dress up bins and I also got out some art supplies.

The girls loved that this little area took our day from ordinary to extraordinary!

We used the Spring/Easter Activity page placemats as well as the The Petite Egg Gallery page and the Bunny Race Maze page below. (You can select and drag onto your desktop to download).

You will see I literally ask how many eggs are on every page! I thought it was fun to encourage searching and counting. I love this page because it really brings out the inner egg artist in everyone. My kids got really creative and Vivian and Maddie both did some really great egg art!

This Bunny Race maze page was something I came up with that my girls thought was fun. You put candy in the burrow below, and then pick and lane and race (with fingers or a pencil) to collect 3 eggs and get to the burrow first. The winner gets the candy in the burrow! Maddie totally cheated, drew right through the maze lines to get her eggs and made it to the burrow first. I made her share the candy with Aria. They had fun regardless because everything the 3-year-old does is hilarious of course.

All of the pages (including the placemats) are meant to be colored in so I had crayons and some beautiful Katie Daisy colored pencils that just scream SPRING on the table. Sweet treats included Aldi knock-off chewy chocolate chip cookies and fudge strip cookies, some pink Nutty Bars leftover from Valentine’s Day (ha ha ha) and some springy M&M’s. I also found 2 random lollipops in the right color palette so I put those out too– which backfired because I have 3 kids. There was arguing.

I loved seeing the joy on my girls faces brought by my small party efforts. Making things a little more special than normal made their day cheerful and bright. We kept the table and balloons up in our foyer and the girls have been doing homework there. The colorful balloons make me happy too!

Have fun making EVERY DAY special! Happy celebrating! XOXOXO Kristen