Mini Customizable Wedge Salads on a Stick


On my quest to create clever Star Wars themed foods for my daughter’s May the 4th Be with You golden birthday, this was one of the first food PUNS I came up with. My sister’s favorite Star Wars character is actually Wedge Antilles, so I found a recipe for mini wedge salads on a stick, and decided to alter it to be more universally accepted by our guests.

Our guestlist included a Muslim and a vegetarian who both don’t eat pork, a vegan with tons of restrictions, as well of a handful of people who hate Bleu Cheese. The recipe I worked from had all of the ingredients piled high and I just thought that was not going to work with our crowd…so I changed it. I also put it in a cup since it is pretty messy.

Mini Customizable Wedge Salads

Recipe by Kristen JanesCourse: SidesCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time




  • bamboo toothpicks (medium length)

  • clear plastic party cups

  • 20+ small wedges iceberg lettuce (we used 2 heads total)

  • 1 lb cooked bacon, crumbled

  • 1 pint grape tomatoes, quartered

  • Blue cheese salad dressing (1 bottle– you don’t use the whole thing)

  • Ranch salad dressing (1 bottle– you don’t use the whole thing)

  • Bleu cheese crumbles (1 container)

  • Black Pepper mill/grinder


  • Cut each lettuce in half through the middle
  • Take a half with flat side down, poke with toothpicks making sections to cut
  • With toothpicks in place, cut around sections and scoop up toothpick-stabbed sections and put into clear cups
  • Repeat for the rest of your lettuce. (You may cut more or less than 10 per lettuce head)
  • Display the rest of the items: Bleu cheese in a bowl with spoon, bacon in a bowl with spoon, tomatoes in bowl with spoon and dressings bottles along with black pepper grinder/mill so guests can customize their plain wedge and make it something amazing.


  • For our vegan guest, I had balsamic available since the other dressings contain dairy.
  • The toothpick is more to keep the wedge together for cutting reasons than functional as a tool for eating this. It can be removed once the wedge is topped and dressed and a fork can be used to consume the finished salad bite. It also is way more than 1 bite’s worth. Lol.

There was no end to the Star Wars food puns and clever concoctions we created for our party. Wookiee Whoopies, Han Pies, Tie Fighter Pasta Salad and Porg Pops are just a few we’ve already shared.