Maddie’s Star Wars May 4th Golden Birthday Bash


I always go all out for my girls’ parties and this party was no exception. My youngest daughter is a May 4th baby and turned 4 this year so we HAD to have a Star Wars themed golden 4th birthday for her. I mean, her middle name is only spelled Rae instead of Rey because Matt didn’t want everyone knowing we were big Star Wars nerds. I guess the secret is out now!

I am happy to report this party is featured on the party blog Catch My Party!

This party had everything.
I began with the idea of Maddie having a special outfit. I knew I’d want to make her a Rey costume and it turned out so great-better than I could have imagined. The day of the party, the rest of us donned Star Wars tees and the girls carried blow-up sabers as well.

The invitations were very important to me. I actually did a character illustration of Maddie dressed as Rey with BB8 by her side for the invitations and also used the artwork on other signs. On the invites, needed to convey different start times as we were trying to keep the party to smaller groupings to be as covid-safe as possible. I did this by circling the group time for each guest that we sent these to and limiting each group to 15 or less people. The invites also set the tone and theme of the event, letting all of our guests know what was in store! Many of our friends and their kids dressed in Star Wars gear as well without even being asked. I love that they just get me and my hopes for group participation.

The decor needed to be literally THE BEST IN THE GALAXY because I love Star Wars, plus my husband and my sister do as well. Our kids are just starting to get into the movies in part because we tried to do a Star Wars movie night or matinee at home at least once a week for a couple months leading up to this party. My oldest daughter likes my old favorite Return of the Jedi (Rogue One is my new favorite) and I think my younger two prefer the Lego Star Wars shows over the live-action films…but they are 4 and 5 years old so that is understandable.

Because my sister is such a huge Star Wars and Lego fan/nerd she has a bunch of the Star Wars Lego ships including the Millennium Falcon which she assures me she bought with a coupon (because dang it is $$$!!!). We used ALL of her Star Wars Lego sets plus some of my daughters’ sets as part of the party decor, even hanging some of the ships from the main balloon display. Other ships I kept behind the desserts, so little ones could look but not touch. I added balloon clouds and pillow fluff for ships I displayed on vases so they looked like they were hovering over the table. Little mini-fig storm troopers and Mandalorians interacted around the food displays.

The Legos were just a small part of the galaxy that I created. One of my greatest finds was stumbling into the teacher aisle at Hobby Lobby and seeing the rolls of “bulletin board covering”. They had 2 different galaxy/star backgrounds and they were only $9.99 for a roll 12ft wide by 4ft tall. You can’t get a poster that size for that cheap literally ANYWHERE else–and it was already so large, I only needed one. So I picked the one with more purple in it.

I put the giant galaxy poster up first, after cutting it into 2 sections. 4 ft x 4ft went in one section where I was going to display the cake, and 8 ft x 4ft went behind the sweets table area. I added some sayings and words to the middles of both poster displays: MADDIE IS 4 and THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE. Both using the Star Wars font of course.

I focused on a purple/silver/black balloon statement around the cake table, and added twinkle lights behind the balloons. This table was adjacent to the favor table, which also had a balloon display but with more colors to match the Star Wars fabric I used for a tablecloth. I loved how each section had its own Star Wars vibe and color story. The sweets table was the largest area and where most balloons were going. For these, I combined latex balloons in black, blues, silver, and purple with Star Wars themed mylar balloons and a huge silver 4 balloon. I added some signs I made with more Star Wars sayings and put some painted foliage that looked very intergalactic into the balloons. The whole display was lit up with 2 blacklights.

All of the tables had either black or gray base linens on them for a clean, contemporary look. Table runners were used on the guest tables which also featured some really cool floral arrangements I made which included some painted flowers and foliage. I love how these turned out.

Of course awesome decorations is only part of my perfect party formula. You also have to have great food, beverages and desserts. And that great food needs to be accompanied by some eye-catching signage to tie everything together. I made no fewer than 40 signs for this party. That might be my new record. But I had so many Star Wars puns and the movies are so quotable I just had to go with it.

I don’t want to make enemies here but I personally will never serve pizza and grocery store sheet cake which I feel has become the standard. Don’t get me wrong, my kids love to attend those parties, but as someone who doesn’t eat pizza and prefers homemade or really stellar bakery cake, I basically starve when I’m at those parties. I guess I want people to remember the whole party, not just part of it. I think my kids remember the activity at those parties versus the whole party and looking back, they likely forget whose party it even was as they all tend to blend together. I think having memorable food and desserts certainly helps make it a memorable experience. I also like offering food for all tastes. My kids are picky and only like about 6 entrees and many of them start refrigerated and can be microwaved. I am hoping their tastes mature soon and I can happily report that my oldest added my baked salmon to her list of favorite dinner foods this past year. Dreams do come true. Lol. But I also have a vegetarian sister, a vegan friend, some friends with specific nut and dye allergies and Muslim friends (who don’t eat pork or drink alcohol). I want them all to have something to eat…and I want it to taste good.

There were a lot of options this time around. I made hot things, cold things, sweet things, savory things. Something for everyone and each and every thing had a clever Star Wars food name (and sign to go with it!). The kids munched on Lando’s Mac Daddy Mac N’ Cheese, Madalorian Fruit Roll Ups, Ration Packs (bags of chips) and ate up a bunch of the Wookiee Whoopies, Wookiee Brookies, Death Star Crunch and assorted Han Pies from the dessert table. Parents enjoyed Porg Pops, Mini Wedge Antilles Salads, Tie Fighter Caprese Pasta Salad, and Pulled Porkins Sliders (the one thing I had catered from Sharko’s). There was something for everyone, and in many cases LOTS of things for everyone.

All of those efforts aside, the cake was THE STAR of the show. My friend MK usually does my themed cakes and she is a master of making my elaborate cake dreams come true. I basically gave her this sketch below and asked for actual glowing lights, sculpted characters, Star Wars fonts, terrain, a galaxy style cake frosting finish with specialty sprinkles (I even provided some of the sprinkles, the LED lights and the candle!).

“And oh, can you also make that taste really good and hide some salted caramel in that buttercream between the layers of moist chocolate cake too? Oh you can, awesome, Thanks!” is basically our conversation.

She checked in with me via Facetime a lot and probably hated me at some points for making her do this but it turned out soooooo amazing. In the end I think she was very proud of her masterpiece and appreciated that I always push her comfort zone with my outlandish requests.

She went from that sketch to this magical cake… look closely, there are glowing lights in it!
And it tasted SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Now you can’t have all this great food and no beverages. Check out my Mos Eisley Cantina setup…
There was no blue milk (because who wants to drink milk at a party?) but Yoda Soda, Wicket Water, Vaderade and Jabba Juice (plus some actual beer and Lime-a-rita) made the cut. I busted out my new tiered cart from Michael’s and my new pink cooler too! And Grogu/The Child/Baby Yoda made an appearance too!

So it began with the theme which pretty much chose itself given our daughter’s Star Wars Day birthdate. Then attire and invitations. Then decor, signage, food + beverage. But what is a party without some activities? I’ll tell you. It’s LAME. I am not having a lame party so I always try to plan some stuff for the kids to do that is fun and unique.

When our Young Jedis arrived, they were encouraged to put their name on their galaxy favor bag cover it with Star Wars stickers. I found the coolest Star Wars stickers for this activity on Amazon.

After their bag was complete, it was off to the best favor table in the galaxy to fill it up with a bunch of awesome stuff. I went into a lot of detail about what all was included on this favor table in a past post. There were so many goodies and the kids loved them. Some of the things they used at the party, and some they took home. The inflatable lightsabers and lightsaber bubble wands were both used almost immediately after kids received them. Epic lightsaber battles occurred all over our front and back yards and we didn’t see the kids much unless they were coming back inside to refuel with some drinks or snacks.

We also had some Star Wars beach balls, books and stuffies out for kids to enjoy. I think it is pretty safe to say they had a blast and were very warn out from all the action. I think all three of mine were in bed at least an hour early.

I should mention that the final part of this planning the perfect party is the guests. Our friends and family really take these fêtes to the next level. Covid has made for a long, largely homebound life for my family and the vaccine has given us hope. Most of our adult guests were fully vaccinated by the time we had this party. That made things way more chill than our last party that we had last summer, largely outdoors, fully masked, lots of rules but still managed to have fun. I look forward to feeling safer and safer and getting back to the way parties used to be. Albeit now I will never let my kids blow out candles on a cake again after learning about droplets! They are basically spitting on the food everyone eats when they do that! Lol.

Anyways. I hope you enjoyed the longest post I’ve ever done, about something I loved creating for my daughter and our friends and family. I could not have pulled this off without my across-the-pond, right-hand woman, Amanda. She came up with Brookie and Whoopie recipes and let me bounce oodles of ideas off of her. She helped me plan from a galaxy far, far away. Lol.

Of course I have to end this with:
May the 4th Be With You, Always.

Some photos (the really good ones) by Jennifer Kaye Photography.