Fun & Easy Soot Sprite Sugar Cookies


Amanda’s cut-out sugar cookie recipe is PERFECT for making Studio Ghibli-inspired Soot Sprite (also called Susuwatari) Cookies. These cookies were the favor at our I Heart Japan party that was featured on Catch My Party as the Party of the Day. Below I show step-by-step instructions for creating these adorably delectable cookies. The best part is, my oldest daughter Aria (who is 9) was able to decorate them with me. So gather your jimmies, sanding sugar, spatula, edible eyes, icing and some star/flower sprinkles and let’s get started!

For the icing, I used Amanda’s easy Vanilla (American) Buttercream Recipe. I left it white, because I wanted to avoid making black icing– which dyes your tongue, teeth, lips, and anything it touches. Soot Sprites are black though, so I asked Amanda and she suggested black jimmies or sanding sugar instead. I decided to do both! There is also a scene in the movie Spirited Away where the Soot Sprites are given a snack that looks like little stars or flowers so I added some for a little pop of whimsy and color.


Start by baking Amanda’s Cut-out Sugar Cookies and cutting out circles (I used 4 sizes of circles ranging from 2.5″ to 4″.
Apply a medium layer of icing.
Not too thin, not too thick.
Pour black jimmies onto a paper plate. Dip Cookie icing-side down into jimmies to coat.
Try to cover as much of the white icing as possible with the jimmies. Then, pour black sanding sugar on to another paper plate.
Dip jimmy-covered cookie into black sanding sugar to cover all of the white icing completely.
Look at that! Full coverage!
Use the same tube icing to attach the tiny star/flower accents.
Repeat steps until all cookies are decorated making no two soot sprites the same!
To keep the cookies fresh, I bagged each one in a cello bag and added a sticker to the back.

The stickers I printed myself, the bags I bought from Amazon. Guests took these cookies home as their party favors at our I Heart Japan/Studio Ghibli party. I feel like bagging cookies makes them more obviously party favors and easier/cleaner for guests to take home–plus during these Covid-times it certainly protects them better than leaving them uncovered.