Frosted Cut-Out Sugar Cookies


This remains one of my favorite Amanda recipes and was one of my favorite things to buy from her bakery Beans & Sweets. These cut-out sugar cookies have a touch of almond extract and they are so perfectly soft but firm enough to hold the buttercream icing and keep their shape. They are hands down my favorite sugar cookies that I’ve ever made thanks to her recipe and guidance. And spoiler alert, they always get rave reviews from everyone who eats them!

This year I didn’t decorate my first batch all too fancy. Kept the icing white and just added colorful festive sprinkles. I still think they look really cute! Most of them I cut out with snowflake or star cookie cutters. I made these a couple days ago and they are all almost gone…

Here are the recipes for these yummy cookies: CUT OUT COOKIES + VANILLA BUTTERCREAM

Happy Baking (and eating) XOXOXO – Kristen & Amanda