Free Valentine’s Coloring and Activity Pages!


I’ve made a few cute coloring and activity pages to keep the kids busy! Just select and drag the below images on to your desktop to download. They should print to scale on standard size paper but since some of them have designs close to the edges, you may want to “print to fit page” if you are having trouble with too much getting cut off when you print. Please visit my party page over at Kio and Kompany to see more fun themed things I’ve been working on!

This first page features the new party foxes I designed for my updated Kio and Kompany logo! I love them!

This page I designed to include in party-to-go kits during the pandemic.

This one I also designed for the older kids getting the party-to-go kits. My oldest loved figuring it out!

Happy Coloring! XOXOXO ~ Kristen