Free Thanksgiving Activity Placemat for Kids


Want to keep your kids busy at the kiddie table this Thanksgiving?! Well, I’ve got you covered… I created 2 activity pages below that you can download for free to make your own Turkey Day Activity Placemats in a matter of minutes.

These activities cover a range of ages/learning levels–From Tic-tac-toe to drawing your Thanksgiving food favs, there is a lot to do (especially if you print both pages and make the placemat double-sided). All you need to get started is the 2 page files below (select them with your curser and drag onto your desktop to download), a printer, scissors, double-stick tape or spray glue or similar, and some card stock.

thankgiving craft

I won’t pretend to understand what my 4-year-old drew as her favorite foods above. Lol. I think the oval with the dots is a chocolate chip cookie, something is a peanut butter sandwich (so she describes) and I am not sure what the rest is. Regardless, it is adorable.

All of my girls (ages 4, 6, and 9) had fun doing the activities and coloring on these pages!

To create your placemats:
Drag the files below to your desktop to download.
I recommend printing “fit to page” on your printing settings so everything gets printed.
After printing, I cut up to the thick black border and removed the white gutter space.
I then mounted (with double-sided tape/spray glue) it to a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock so it was thicker and had more of a placemat feel to it.
I repeated this for the other page and mounted it to the back side of the cardstock.
You can used colorful or patterned cardstock to match your holiday decor and bring a pop of color to the table. I made similar placemats to these this past spring/Easter and those were mounted to fun patterned cardstock.

I actually will be making Amanda’s Easy Apple Crisp as one of my Turkey Day desserts along with some other favorites and some new recipes I am going to try for the first time.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends this year!
Please let us know if your kiddos enjoy these activity pages!

XOXOXO, Kristen