FREE Fall Halloween Pumpkin Page


It is hard to believe that 2 years ago (obviously pre-Covid) Amanda and I were hosting our first event together at her bakery, Beans and Sweets in Naperville, Illinois. It was called “FALL FEST” and we had a bunch of activities for littles to do including coloring pages (you get them too– see below!), a balloon arch for taking photos in your costume, and we had a monster cookie decorating area. The monster cookies can be made at home by using Amanda’s cut sugar cookie recipe and her buttercream recipe from our page. It was such a great event, we had great feedback and ended up doing another event for Valentine’s Day a few months later. Can I just say I MISS DOING THESE EVENTS WITH AMANDA SO MUCH!!!

This was such a fun event! I decorated the shop all cute and Amanda had a case full of yummy desserts for sale. We did this as a FREE community-wide event to promote our businesses. I love collaborating with other talented people and my events with Amanda were among my favorites to date!

This was the case of yumminess (some more stuff was added after I took this photo). It was nice that pretty much every customer that came for our free event left with some purchased treats! This is the sort of thing I really get a kick out of doing–it generates buzz for our businesses while being a free event for little kids to attend and enjoy. As a mom of three, I am always looking for free and cheap events for my kids to go to– and I wish there were more like this one out there!


Here is another fun one we did and I drew Amanda as a witch! Lol.
She is the furthest thing from a witch but looked cute as a cartoon one 🙂

I hope you enjoy these freebie coloring pages! Please save, print and share with your friends!

Happy Fall!
XOXOXO – Kristen