Caramel Rice Chex Treats

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Mommas, this is one of those recipes I promise you are going to love! These Caramel Rice Chex Treats are so easy to make, only takes 4 ingredients, and the kids will go crazy for them. If you are tired of making Rice Krispies Treats, then you HAVE to try these!

When I was in grade school, both of my parents worked. So I would either go to my gandparents’ house or to my Great Aunt Garnet’s house, who I lovingly called Aunt Garnie. Like my grandparents, Aunt Garnie was a wonderful baker. She was famous for her sugar cookies. Well, famous in my family anyway.

One day when I got to Aunt Garnie’s house after school, she had made this “stuff” that was on a baking tray and looked too good not to try. I remember taking that first bite and being in heaven. I think I ate half the tray. She just laughed as I praised her for being such a great chef. But, this became a regular treat that she would make for me and I was always appreciative. Even now, I always think of her when I make this for my kids.

These Rice Chex Treats take no time at all to make. The caramel sauce is made with butter, brown sugar and a little bit of light corn syrup and salt. That gets boiled just for a minute. Then you pour it over Rice Chex cereal and that’s when it becomes magic.

Now, Aunt Garnie used to add chopped peanuts to her Rice Chex Treats and it was delicious. But I never have peanuts in my pantry so I make them without. Either way, they’re a treat you’re going to wish you’d known about ages ago.

As tempting as it is to dig in right away, make sure these cool before letting the kids snack on them. The caramel is super HOT!



Caramel Rice Chex Treats Step 1: Stir ingredients together over medium high heat.

Caramel Rice Chex Treats

Caramel Rice Chex Treats Step 2: Bring to a boil and cook for one minute.

Caramel Rice Chex Treats

Caramel Rice Chex Treats Step 3: Pour over cereal and mix.

Caramel Rice Chex Treats

Caramel Rice Chex Treats

Recipe by Amanda Innes-Shareef


  • Rice Chex Cereal 5 cups

  • Butter 1 stick

  • Light Brown Sugar 1 cup

  • Light Corn Syrup 2 Tbsp

  • Salt 1/4 tsp


  • Measure cereal into large bowl or sheet pan.
  • In a small saucepan, heat butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and salt over medium high heat.
  • Bring mixture to a boil and cook for one minute.
  • Pour immediately over cereal and stir to coat.
  • Let cool completely and enjoy!


  • Golden Syrup can be substituted for corn syrup.