Beauty Tip: Avocado Oil Isn’t Just for Cooking


I’m all about living a more natural lifestyle. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also better for the environment. Several years ago I was obsessed with removing all chemicals and toxins from our home. I started by buying natural cleaning products and quickly moved on to deodorants and beauty products (you might be surprised how much junk is in the products we put on our skin, YIKES!). One of the products I tried out was the Mirah Shave Oil by Young Living. This stuff smells amazing and works great! But at $30 for a tiny bottle, I couldn’t afford to keep replenishing it as often as I needed. So I took a look at the back of the bottle and saw that avocado oil was one of the main ingredients. AHA!

I popped on over to the grocery store and bought a bottle of avocado oil. I used the empty bottle of Mirah Shave Oil and poured the avocado oil right in there, along with some essential oils to make it smell good. And guess what?!? It worked just as well as the expensive stuff! And lasted 5x as long.

avocado oil

Now I don’t even bother adding oils. Or putting it in the bottle. I just keep the avocado oil in my shower. 🙃

And that’s my beauty tip that I’m sharing with all of you! What tips or tricks have you learned throughout the years that you love sharing with your friends?